some nonsense of nine people in orbs... it is kinda pretty

Hello, new Governance Committee Members



Election results are in. Welcome to the committee:

Austin Parker! They’ve been involved in OpenTelemetry forever, as a contributor of code and Community Maintainer. They work at Honeycomb and live in the US.

Daniel Gomez Blanco! He wrote Practical OpenTelemetry. I saw him talk at QCon this year, and I think he’s great. He works at SkyScanner.

Severin Neumann. He does all kinds of work in OpenTelemetry. Also his personal web site is cute. He works at Cisco and lives in Germany.

Ted Young, a co-founder of OpenTelemetry. He works for Lightstep and lives in the US.

Juraci Paixão Kröhling, re-elected. He works for Grafana and lives in Germany.

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